SurveySlam V2 BETA out now

The last few weeks we have been working towards a big update. Today we open the BETA for SurveySlamV2.

When we started building out the new version we had two choices, to build on the current templates or start from scratch. We decided to start from scratch…

This means the BETA only comes with a single template that is compatible with the new features, However its a LOT more flexible than the previous ones.

The previous templates ARE still in the beta version however, when you flip over to the new version you will most likely have to make some adjustments to your current surveys. (we have completely redesigned the way headlines work to improve responsiveness). So we recommend just flipping over to the new template style called “core”.

You will notice Improved responsiveness, styling and a lot of new features.

However, It’s in its first version.
So we are going to roll it out as a beta.

I am still confident it’s 10x better than the previous templates.

So have a look at the video to see some of the new features.

The new palette system is pretty cool.

Also we now have automatic updates setup so once you download this version you will be able to get future updates from directly inside your dashboard. (you will only need to come to the members area to pick up the new templates we put out.

Also a side note.
A feature we didn’t mention in the video. We added a reference field for each question. Survey slam used to take the main question and put it in your reports and place it in the question menu. This caused issue at times when you wanted a unique identifier. Now you have a reference field to resolve this.

If you find any bugs, or have any comments please drop us a line at

We will be working on rolling out new templates very soon.

P.s the beta version is available to download in the members area.
I am off to bed now but will be back first thing in the morning to answer any questions.