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V1.50- V1.53 (3rd April 2018)
Internal Lead scoring End Results, Answer Piping, 2 New done for you templates (LeadMagnet v1, and multiple choice v1) , Skip logic on open ended answers, Custom Error notifications,Lots of Responsive css refinements.
Back again...
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V1.38- V1.49 (27 march 2018)
To many updates to list...
Complete rework of the design system and a new default template. Massive changes to responsiveness and design capabilities. Old templates marked as Legacy. New design widgets for improved responsiveness including headlines, image and text and dividers. Palette system for more creative control. New feature popup trigger after first block is clicked. Reference titles that cross over to question menu and conditional logic and reports. Added accents, bold, underline, and italic to all questions and answers. Added SVG support to buttons answers and headlines. Added compatibility mode. Added wordpress auto updates. new "Done for you template".
The Easter bunny is here...
Happy new year 2018

Hello 2018, It's been lovely...

 A lot more to come soon.
Happy new year 2018
Another Merry Christmas

Bye bye 2017, It's been lovely...

V1.0.36 - V1.0.37   (2nd Jan 2018)  - HTTPS issue fixed - Active Campaign API Update - Survey Builder Compatibility Cross Browser 
V1.0.32 - V1.0.35   (17th September 2017)  - API update for AC - Custom field fix for Current Surveys - Template style updates and adjustments 
Another Merry Christmas
One year Anniversary

API upgrades & New Widgets

V1.0.31   (21st August 2017)  - Drip Custom field support has been added - Mautic API updated- Connection issues fixed - Mautic Custom field support added - Responsive video in end results (BUG-FIX) 
V1.0.24 - V1.0.30   (15th August 2017)  New Widgets added - Progress bars and image widgets for answers * all custom fields are shown for Active Campaign * it is now possible to remove custom field assignment * if first name is entered only, last name is left blank for Active Campaign * removed organization field for Active Campaign 
V1.0.22 - V1.0.23   (1st May 2017)  -  Aweber Fix - Save Draft Fix - Export CSV Fix 
One year Anniversary
April 10th, 2017

Even More Updates

V1.0.20 - V1.0.21   (10th April 2017)  -  Fixed hidden optin form bug for user imports 
V1.0.17 - V1.0.19   (4th April 2017)  - Fixed Vimeo Issue - added ability to add [b] BOLD[/b] [i] ITALIC [/i] [u] UNDERLINE [/u] tags to answers 
V1.0.13 - V1.0.16   (10th March 2017)  - Fixed Responsive Video Issue - Support for php7 - Interface Tweaks and speed improvements 
V1.0.12   (5th Feburary 2017)  - Added 3 templates that turn button list to radio buttons - Added 3 new Survey Imports to hackademy - Numerous bug fixes and compatibility fixes 
April 10th, 2017
Christmas Eve , 2016

More updates

V1.0.11   (24th December 2016)  - Survey default width on first save fix 
V1.0.10   (21st December 2016)  -Fixed Active Campaign issue that sometimes caused contact removal from lists 
V1.07 - V1.09   (20th December 2016)  - Fixed end result count - Chrome checkbox issue fixed. - Now only a small number of end results show up in admin (the amount used + 3), admin panel became much faster. - New option - survey background position (top, center, etc.) - Removed "Header Style Options", as it doesn't do anything (we don't have templates that support it now) - "Background Video" option moved to "Popup Style", as it only works with popups 
V1.05 - V1.06   (8th December 2016)  - Removed a lot of unused fonts - Changed font name to SvsLato for better compatibility - Let users add a background image to background - Interface smartened up - Added "Alternative Button Width (50% / 50%) - Background opacity - Logo off by default - Dropdown, when no answer selected - next button disabled now - Delayed answer: all input fields hide now - Made sure all answers are forced 
V1.04  (5th December 2016)  - 3 new template: Flat, Curve Outline - Default template updated to "Flat" - CSS Fixes - 5 New Survey Imports added to the "Hackademy" - Hackademy now replaces "Hybrid Survey Workshop" 
V1.03  (1st December 2016)  - At least one checkbox should be selected before user can proceed - CSS for the little checkbox icons in the drop-down fixed - Error messages appear if no answer is entered 
Christmas Eve , 2016
November 30th, 2016


V 0.41 - V1.02  (30th November 2016)  Question box is hidden completely if marked as "hidden" Border options added. Background color options added Now message box "Please choose answer" shows up when user haven't chosen an answer and press "Next". Background of the drop-down fixed. Survey Shadow off by default. Added shadow options Font fixes 
V 0.39 - V0.40  (25th November 2016)  Convert kit tagging enabled Page Style modification to look more like page Custom color check box fix Checkbox and button list width fix for small devices 2nd line on checkbox widgets email input small device fix choice button style fix (custom colors) error notification style ignores custom colors 
V 0.31 - V0.38  (21st November 2016)  * WYSIWYG below the submit button * Add em option to submit buton (second line of text) * Add em option to button list (second line of text) * Create wysiwyg (75% width) and image column (20%) widget * Move "popup close button" to top right corner of popup * Vertical space per widget * Make sure unfinished forms are still submited to wordpress database * Image position adjustment * The image in 25% WYSIWYG column is now dynamically resized * Fixed WYSIWYG bug when HTML contained a "%" character * Added a responsive step of 660px * Text in WYSIWYG * Fixed font sizes Old template system removed * Only a single template included (Clear) * Fixed template * Border radius for Next button 
November 30th, 2016
November 13th, 2016

More Fixes

V 0.30 (13th November 2016)  *WYSIWYG editor for question text 
V 0.29 (12th November 2016)  Fixed custom CSS class for question text Changed CSS for drop-down widgets Changed CSS for choice buttons 
V 0.28 (10th November 2016)  Custom CSS class option added to WYSIWYG, HTML, Video and Image widgets Changed CSS of templates to work with CSS classes better 
V 0.27 (8th November 2016)  Added "Custom CSS class" for widgets and question area. Template Thin edited for better support of custom CSS classes. 
V 0.26 (6th November 2016)  Settings bug fixed Loader image while list of custom fields is loading 
V 0.25 (4th November 2016)  Active Campaign: Custom Fields fix (works with existing contacts) Infusionsoft: Custom Fields tag categories (also dump all results to personal Notes Increased End results limit to 25 
V 0.24 (3rd November 2016) Update held back Active Campaign: Custom Fields 
V 0.23 (26th October 2016) Infusionsoft integration: Add contacts + add tags 
November 13th, 2016
October 2 , 2016


V 0.21 (2nd October 2016) Added 2 new templates 
V 0.20 (27th September 2016) Changed animation style for delayed answers 
V 0.19 (22nd September 2016) Fixed bug that caused multiple HTML-widgets to have the same content Animation for delayed answers 
V 0.18 (21st September 2016) Added "Delayed Answer" feature 
V 0.17 (19th September 2016) User is obliged to choose an item from the drop-down Fixed a few small visual bugs in template Dark 
V 0.16 (7th September 2016) Fixed bug that broke 2-column WYSIWYG widgets on some WP themes 
V 0.15 (2nd September 2016) Fixed a bug when the first widget didn't show up very rarely. 
V 0.14 (31st August 2016)  Fixed video height on extra wide screens '@import' statements now work in custom CSS, thus custom fonts can be added easily 
V 0.13 (29th August 2016) Fixed autocorrection of video height 
V 0.12 (28th August 2016) Added checkbox "Pass name and email to redirect" 
V 0.11 (20th August 2016) Added ActiveCampaign example URL title Removed CSS-reference to unexisting PNG. 
V 0.10 (19th August 2016) Added quiz name dropdown to subscriber filters 
V. 0.9 (15th August 2016) Fixed a bug that prevented admins from entering zero as minimal length of open-end answers.
October 2 , 2016
August 7, 2016

The birth of SurveySlam

Lead Scoring ConvertKit + Mautic + Sendlane Advanced Reporting Filters New UI Sequence Builder 4 New Responsive Templates Text Validation for Open Ended Answers

August 7, 2016
August 7th, 2016

PageFunnels Retired

Gone but never forgotten...

August 7th, 2016