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Thrivecart Purchase > AM360 Auto login > SurveySlam Thank you Page

While this guide isn’t directly related to SurveySlam Integrations It does document the power from combining multiple tools together.

Today we want to look at taking a new thrivecart customer > Automatically logging them into your wordpress site and sending them straight to a SurveySlam Survey for instant segmentation.

The reason we are using the Auto login feature is beacuase it allows us to pre populate our survey with the name and email so you can segment your new customer without requesting this information again. (they just have to click a few buttons).

But thats not all…

AM360 allows powerfull personalisation features, So after your new customer has finished your survey you can redirect them to a page inside your site that uses the information collected by SurveySlam.

This means you can use AM360 to show conditional content (only show this content if this tag exists etc)
Or you can place custom fields directly onto your page (Show first name, Show business name etc)

Imagine a cutomer going through this funnel.

They purchase via thrivecart & They get sent to a surveyslam survey then they are redirected to a internal sales page that is personalised with their name and benefits specific to their business…

Thats bloody cool right?

So how do you do it?

First you have to setup the AM360 autologin feature as your thrivecart success URL.


Remember to change your domain name, Secretkey, random password, TagID and redirect url to the survey.

If you want to learn more about the personalisation features you can use with AM360 check it out here: