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AM360 FREE Member signup after End Result

Want to sign users up to AM360 on form completion?

Just use the autologin url in your redirect and assign the correct membership tag.

Select a answer to add the membership tag to or add the AM360 membership tag to the end result.

This tag must be added before the redirect.

Then use the autologin URL below to log your member straight into your site:{email}&redir=

You must replace the domain name, AM360 SecurityCode and the redirect URL.

Also you need to set your AM360 settings to “enable auto login”, you can find this in the AM260 plugin settings.

NOTE: Your security code is different to the secret key you use for Thrivecart, You should create a security code in your AM360 settings and then use that code in your URL.



Use surveyslam to create your landing page, then autologin and send users to a am360 protected sales page. Use AM360 shortcodes to create conditional logic pages based on the answers selected or data captured by surveyslam in your Active campaign account.

Essentially, You can use your contacts name, emails, business name or any other data captured on your sales page.

You can show content based on tags or input custom fields directly onto your sales page…