Simple Survey (3 versions)

A simple multiple choice Survey…

This is a full page survey created entirely with SurveySlam.

Although it can also be used as an embed or popup if you prefer.


Version One: simple multiple choice questions

This Survey is created entirely with SurveySlam, It includes all the multiple choice options (no open ended questions).

Version Two: lead scoring and answer piping

This is how this survey would look embeded on your own page. You could also set it as a popup or to open in a popup after the first click.

Version Three: Dark version (custom background)

Click the link below to see a full page layout of this demo (made solely with Survey Slam). 

Tips & Tricks

1: Use smart links to survey current subscribers

SmartLinks enable your subscribers to skip the lead capture form while still passing through all the data to your email marketing platform.

Essentially, They will NOT need to type in their name and email as you already have this information when they signed up to your email list. When they arrive at the lead capture form they will jump right past it and go directly to the end result.

Find out more here:

Creating Smart-Links for use in email campaigns

2: Place the form in members only areas (where all members are logged in)

By default Surveyslam always looks to see if a member is signed in to wordpress. If they are they will not need to type in their name and email on sign up forms.
This makes it extremely easy to segment members inside your membership areas or forums.

(advanced use)
IF you are using a membership platform that uses auto-login after payment via your shopping cart. You can place a survey on the first page to segment new customers instantly. Just create a survey with a first screen thanking them for investing, and ask if they can take a few second to answer a few questions. As they are already logged in automatically they will not need to type in their name and email. This is a great time to segment. Also you can set the end result to redirect them to the main members area.

3: Create a Thank you page survey for new subscribers.

If you use Survey slam to capture your leads, You can pass details of your subscriber from your lead capture form directly to your thank you page survey (so they don’t need to type in their name and email on the thank you page and you get extremely high conversion rates on your segmentations.

All you need to do is select the end result on your LEAD CAPTURE FORM, activate the redirect and select the checkbox to ” 

Then you just paste in the url to your thank you page survey.

p.s these segmentation surveys convert even better if you add additional content upgrades to the previous lead magnet offer if they complete it.


4: Remember to clone forms so you know what performs best.

Let’s say you want to send this survey to your current email list.

Maybe you have multiple segments in your email list (one for customers and another for subscribers).

Create two versions of the template.

  1. Survey (customers)
  2. Survey (Subscribers)

Now when you look in the reports section you can compare the two groups to see the difference in conversions.

5: NEVER listen to others advise (including mine)

Short surveys convert better…

It’s a lie..

A long engaging survey (with jokes, images and general fun) can out perform your two step lead magnet. They can also build stronger relationships with your audience.

5: Don’t be scared to experiment

Sometimes, You need to Think outside the box.

Use pattern interrupts to re-engage you visitors. It’s very easy to fall into the habit of….

Why not try…
Welcome, Joke, Question, Why I do it like this, Question, Question, Pain point,Question.

Try it 😉 and check your conversion rate…

5: Mix up the style and use images to add flare & increase conversions