How to create conditional logic emails in your email campaigns with SurveySlam

Want to write better emails?

Watch this video to see how to use smart links to easily add tags and custom fields to contacts and push them to a personalized email campaign based on their actions.

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in the video you will discover how to use SmartLinks to simplify the process for your audience to segment themselves.

how to add tags and custom fields fast.

how to trigger a automated campaign on form submissions.

how to create a conditional content email personalized to each signups preferences.

how to instantly segment new leads as soon as they signup using FormPath

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You know segmentation can help increase open and click through rates and even sales, yet...

Most businesses still don't do it...

It can be hard to find the best way to segment leads.

SurveySlam has every option covered, wether you want to segment existing leads or even brand new leads that have just converted on your landing page.

today we are going to look at a feature called form path that is ideal for segmenting brand new signups to your lead magnets or offers.

Many of you have simple lead capture forms on your blog posts and landing pages, the reason being you want to capture the email of the visitor before anything else.

this is a good option if you want to build a large email list.

the alternative is to have segmentation options built into your signup form.

however, you are usually sacrificing the amount of signups you get for more qualified leads.

There is no right and wrong, only what works best for your business.

well, we decided we wanted to provide a solution to give you the best of both worlds.

it's a simple two step process.

step one; capturing the lead

step two; segmenting the lead

we are going to seperate the two processes so you can :

a] capture the leads that just want to sign up quickly but are unlikely to fill out a longer form

b] still have a sequence in place to further qualify all those leads via a segmentation survey

this is a powerfull method

you are still capturing the majority of your leads via a simple signup form with a compelling offer

however, they are then redirected to a second segmentation survey to pre qualify them further so you can provide them with a more personalised sales campaign.

this means you are still capturing the same amount of leads regardless of if they fill in the segmentation survey or not.

so how do you get high conversion of the second phase - the segmentation survey.

you need to remember, your signup is hot right now, and we are sending them straight to a segmentation survey while they are still hot.

they don't have to go back to their email inbox or any of that jazz. so your conversions should be pretty solid right off the bat.

however, there are a few things you can do to make them even better.

now most of your audience is used to signing up to a landing page and being redirected to a thank you page.

thats pretty standard.

you should think of your segmentation survey as a thank you page.

ideally you want your thank you page or segmentation survey to build a even stronger relationship with your leads.

what you should remember is how SurveySlam is designed to only show content in blocks.

this makes it extremely easy to add messages (videos) with a call to action at the start of any survey or form you create.

the first block could be the standard thank you message with a twist.

'thanks for signing up, but before you go...'

do you want to access the full course for free?

just answer a few quick questions and we will upgrade your xxxx'

you just turned your thank you page into a content upgrade that segments and prequalifies your leads to your future products or promotions..

by adding a content upgrade or a additional lead magnet your conversions will increase further.

you will build a better relationship with your subscribers because 1; you just gave them more free stuff and 2; you can deliver better content more suited and personalised to their needs.

i hope you enjoyed this article and it helps you get some great results...

i would love to hear your thoughts on this method, drop a  comment below if you have time.

SurveySlam V2 BETA out now

The last few weeks we have been working towards a big update. Today we open the BETA for SurveySlamV2.

When we started building out the new version we had two choices, to build on the current templates or start from scratch. We decided to start from scratch…

This means the BETA only comes with a single template that is compatible with the new features, However its a LOT more flexible than the previous ones.

The previous templates ARE still in the beta version however, when you flip over to the new version you will most likely have to make some adjustments to your current surveys. (we have completely redesigned the way headlines work to improve responsiveness). So we recommend just flipping over to the new template style called “core”.

You will notice Improved responsiveness, styling and a lot of new features.

However, It’s in its first version.
So we are going to roll it out as a beta.

I am still confident it’s 10x better than the previous templates.

So have a look at the video to see some of the new features.

The new palette system is pretty cool.

Also we now have automatic updates setup so once you download this version you will be able to get future updates from directly inside your dashboard. (you will only need to come to the members area to pick up the new templates we put out.

Also a side note.
A feature we didn’t mention in the video. We added a reference field for each question. Survey slam used to take the main question and put it in your reports and place it in the question menu. This caused issue at times when you wanted a unique identifier. Now you have a reference field to resolve this.

If you find any bugs, or have any comments please drop us a line at

We will be working on rolling out new templates very soon.

P.s the beta version is available to download in the members area.
I am off to bed now but will be back first thing in the morning to answer any questions.